Creating Culture Change

By April 23, 2015 No Comments

Back in the 1980’s, when people talked about culture, they meant someone who was refined, or they might have been referring to the norms and practices of another country, or sometimes they were just talking about a popular 80’s band.  These days, it seems like the word culture is often used to talk about the environment that exists in companies and organizations.  Company culture has become a buzzword, and everyone seems to want to understand how to change their company culture, how to improve it, or how to create it.  Go to Amazon.com and type in the words “company culture” to get a sense of how many books have been written on this topic – literally thousands.  And yet with all the information available, and all the focus on this important topic, how many companies out there have established the kind of company culture that attracts and keeps talented people?


My favorite video on company culture and culture change was posted back in 2010 by John Rauser.  The message is a simple one and the video is awesome and funny.  Check it out and prepared to be awed.


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