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Safe Workplace Workshop

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February 24, 2021 and March 03, 2021
2 days – 8 am to 12 pm each day
Safe Workplace Workshop
Instructor – Cheryl Collins

  • Class Overview

    Northwest Food Solutions, in collaboration with Food Northwest, are offering a course on workplace culture.

    Peter Drucker famously said: “Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast”.  Is Culture Eating or Feeding Your Organization?  Culture is the underlying force that’s either helping or hindering your organization.  But culture is often misunderstood.  Culture is NOT simply “the way we do things around here.”  It’s essence is in our underlying beliefs and assumptions. It drives our behaviors on a daily basis.  Whether creating a physically or psychologically safe workplace, understanding our culture is key.  Culture is a system that cannot be quickly changed, but if understood, it can be transformed.

    Using interactive learning techniques, this workshop will prepare you to:
    –          Understand organizational culture and the role it plays in your company.
    –          Identify elements that are impacting your culture.
    –          Determine effective methods for assessing and transforming your culture.
    –          Understand the importance and impact of psychological safety.


    Course delivered in a virtual format with live instruction, student interaction, coaching and relevant project work between classes.


    The workshop is 2 sessions, 3.5 hours each with a week in between each session.  Coaching is provided in between sessions.



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