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Our first goal is to help improve your operation with the people, facilities and equipment you have in place.  We accomplish this by facilitating the creation of smart, efficient processes and demonstrating how to drive achievable metrics that will help you sustain and grow your business.

  • Operations Solutions
  • Project Management Solutions
  • Food Safety Solutions

What We Deliver

What opportunities for improvement exist in your operation?  Uncover more efficient, effective and profitable ways to do business by looking at your operation differently.  Our supply chain and operations consultants have delivered millions of dollars in sustainable improvements through collaborative projects with clients.  By taking a holistic view of your company strategy, linking it to operations, and engaging your team in developing solutions, we focus on opportunities offering the most value.

Whether your project requires a complex multiyear solution or a discrete 3-month engagement, our team of exceptional professionals can help.  To serve you best, our approach involves utilizing continuous improvement tools and measuring against the goal.  Our method is to understand your objective, engage your team in developing a solution, support the implementation phases and measurement of success.  Together we put together a plan and make it work.

Tools for Solutioning

Each organization and company is different and their paths to success are unique.  Our consultants utilize a consistent process and series of tools to clearly identify those specific and unique solutions that meet the needs of your business.  We introduce tools, practice using them with your team and help establish the infrastructure necessary for sustainment.

Problem Solving

Root Cause Analysis Tools
Corrective Action & Error Proofing
Testing and Measuring

Supply Chain Performance

Measuring performance
Daily Improvement Meetings
Project Managemen

Manufacturing Performance

5S and Orderliness
Visual Management

Value Stream Mapping

Process Mapping
Process Measuring
Waste Reduction

Lean Leadership

Strategy Development
KPI Development
Daily Management Systems

What We Deliver

Launching a new product? Buying a new piece of equipment? Bringing on a new co-packer?  Implementing any big change within your company can be challenging without proper focus and the right tools. Making changes successfully requires planning, teamwork, and lots of communication.

Northwest Food Solutions specializes in practical project management solutions that match the size and complexity of your project.   Since all projects are different, we work with you to determine the approach and tools that will meet your needs best.  Our methodologies are structured and measured.  We align the team on timely prioritization of tasks and on-time delivery of your project objectives.

Tools for Solutioning

Each organization and company is different and their paths to success are unique.  We utilize a consistent, effective project management process and a series of tools to clearly identify those specific solutions that meet your business needs.  Northwest Food Solutions has developed its own project management tools for the food and beverage manufacturing industry.  We introduce these tools, practice using them with your team and help establish the infrastructure necessary to maintain your own project management practices in the future.

Meeting Your Goals

Delivering results tied to the top line strategy and bottom line results is important to any effort in a business.  What NW Food Solutions provides is the expertise to help your team implement a complex project in a way that aligns with objectives and meets the company’s project goals in terms of cost, quality and timing.


Project Initiation

Identify Leadership Sponsor
Define Business Objective (project brief)
Set Cost, Quality, Time priorities and goals
Define Key Deliverables and Success Measures
Align on Resources with full Management Team
Approve project to move forward


Project Execution

Align on Key Deliverable and Success Measures with project team
Define, Assign, and Measure Current State Tasks
Define Solutions, Timing, Costs
Identify Risks and Mitigation Plans
Report to Project Sponsor
Implement and Test Solutions


Feedback and Adjust

Obtain post launch feedback and metrics
Adjust for Customer Feedback
Adjust for success measure results
Set Responsibility and Cadence for checking feedback and measuring success
Finalize Documentation of Business Processes and Specifications


Reflection and Close

Complete Project Review
Identify Next Steps for Improvement
Identify Project Management Process Opportunities
Leadership Approval to Close

What We Deliver

At Northwest Food Solutions, we are implementation experts.  Together we develop a plan, then we test and refine the plan together.  Whether you are working towards FSMA compliance, GFSI certification or want to improve your recall plan, we can help your company meet its food safety goals.  Our approach is a combination of project management tools, food safety coaching, team development and standard program templates to help ensure your food safety team can successfully implement, manage and sustain a best in class food safety plan.

Steps to a Sustainable Food Safety Program with Northwest Food Solutions:

Our Food Safety Credentials

In addition to decades of experience working in food safety and technical services environments, Northwest Food Solutions principals also have the following food safety credentials:

  • SQF 8 Practitioner
  • FSMA Preventive Controls Qualified Individual
  • HACCP Certified

Food Safety Training

We have developed extensive food safety training courses by specific topic area. Training classes are available onsite or remotely and are customized to your organization. Current course list (link to food safety section)

Coaching and Support

When developing a program as wide reaching and important as the Food Safety Plan, we can be your expert in the field to help with questions, strategy and ideas.  In addition to training and working with food safety teams, NWFS consultants provide expert coaching to leaders responsible for managing or supporting food safety.  Like any foundational program at your company, the effectiveness of the food safety plan is directly linked to the leaders responsible for it.  We share working strategies and solutions for creating a food safety culture of excellence.

Past Food Safety Projects

Some examples of food safety projects include:

FSMA Implementation

SQF Implementation

NW Food Solutions helped us tremendously with understanding and implementing FSVP legislation and writing our International Recall Plan. Teri & Alicia follow up regularly on current affairs on Quality and Food Safety and they are very pleasant to work with.

Sylvia van Vliet / Quality Manager / Tony’s Chocolonely

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